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Contentment is defined as a mental or emotional state of satisfaction drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind.

(pick 5)
(i) It leads to corruption
(ii) It results into envy and jealousy
(iii) It can lead into prostitution
(iv) It makes a man greedy
(v) It can also lead to theft
(vi) It leads into cheating
(vii) Dissatisfaction and unhappiness can lead to depression

(pick four)
(i) It helps to eliminate jealousy and envy in people
(ii) It leads to peaceful and developed society
(iii) It promotes tolerance
(iv) It reduces the feelings of interiority among the people
(v) It gives a person peaceful heart

Capitalist democracy is a political, economic and social ideology that involves the combination of a democratic political system with a capitalist economic system.

(i) Private property- people are free to own and operate businesses, with little intervention from the government.
(ii) Profit oriented – The government’s role is only that of a regulator and it intervenes only when necessary.
(iii) Entrepreneurship is encouraged in this system.
(iv) Democratic governance – The system requires the establishment of a government by the majority through free and fair elections.
(v) Freedom of production: People are free to decide what to produce and how much to produce, without the government’s intervention.
(vi) Equality- The system supports the provision of equal opportunities for all in order to improve productivity and the quality of life.

(i)Political popular Participation:- This is the form of popular participation which presides over political activities like election. Here the people’s votes count as they come out in large to play their active roles in the political affairs of their state by belonging or joining political parties of their choice and participate in governance.


(ii)Economic popular participation:-This is the form of popular participation which presides over the economic activities of a state like ownership and establishment of public economic firms eg PHCN etc. The people either own or join in the participation to their country.

(iii)Religious popular participation:-This is the form of popular participation which involves activities to the worship of God. Christians and Muslims worship in their own ways. There is also worship of lesser gods especially
among the ethnic groups in Nigeria. For instance Yoruba’s worship gods like Sango, ogun, Obatala etc

(iv)Social population participation:- This form of population participation comprises professional occupation like FAN,NUT,NUJ,student union(SU),pressure group,NLC etc.In this kind of popular participation,people’s interests are presented either protests,boycotts etc

(v)Civic Popular participation:-This form of popular participation is very imperative. If citizen participate enemas to civic responsibilities,then, the nature would experience the best civil society .The citizen are suppose to be loyal to the state,show respect to the nation by standing up whenever national anthem and pledge sung at any occasion and also respect national flag

(i)Growth of democracy:-Popular participation of people enhances democracy to grow. By gaining popular and full support by the entire society,democracy will grow


(ii)Citizen platform to act and manage their own affairs:-Popular participation is the only medium through which citizens can act and manage their own affairs(the state)

(iii)Growth of government’s policy:-Popular participation is the medium of securing responsiveness of government policy and ensuring that the delivery of public services meets the need of the population, especially at the local level


(iv)Growth of Democratic institutions:- popular participation enhances the growth of democratic institutions like political parties ,pressure groups etc which depends on the people to grow

(v)Poverty Alleviation:-Through popular participation ,the needs of the people from grassroot are presented to the government like poot electricity, lack of roads unemployment etc

(i)Human and social effects:-This is the physical abuse of human being. Trafficked persons are always exploited and enslaved.

(ii)Health risk in woman and adolescents:-Since women are the weaker sex,they may not be able to withstand the long duration and stress of human trafficking and through this medium,they end up falling sick.

(iii)Population reduction:-Some victims of trafficking do not return to their home countries and this may drastically reduce the population of their own countries

(iv)Sexual abuse and psychological consequences:-some of the ladies are always sexually abused. Some of the victims in this inhuman act often suffer some psychological distress

(v)illegal immigrants:- Some end up being illegal immigrants who are denied of several privileges like work permit, free movement etc in the country they travelled to.

(i)Volunteer:-Volunteering time and effort to an anti-trafficking organization is a great way to contribute to the fight against human trafficking

(ii)Be aware of the signs of human trafficking:- Being educated on signs that could indicate someone is a victim of human trafficking increases the likelihood of reporting and could give a voice to victims who do not feel comfortable speaking out for themselves.

(iii)Advocate:-Meeting with or reaching out to local, state and federal representatives informs them that their constituents are passionate about fighting human trafficking, and brings the issue to their attention. This increases the likelihood that they will do something about it.


(iv)Hold events to raise awareness:- Raising awareness for human trafficking can also get more people involved and interested in joining the fight. It can create a chain reaction, leading to more people lobbying, fundraising and educating themselves.

(v)Report suspicions:- It is important to know the resources available. When traveling abroad, it is beneficial to look up the emergency phone number of the given country, to enable quick reports should a trafficking victim be spotted.

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