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New scale = 1/50,000 x 2/1
= 25,000
= 1: 25,000

Expected lenth size = x2

New length = old length x 2 = 8 x 2 = 16cm
New width = old width x 2 = 8 x 2 = 16cm


(i) For Fishing activities
(ii) For agricultural purposes
(iii) Serves as a tourist zone

(i) The river is a large river
(ii) The river flows quickly
(iii) It flows south
(iv) It is dendritic in nature
(v) It has branches


(i)They are built almost entirely of layers of solidified basaltic lava flows
(ii)They are broad, gently sloping flanks and a dome shape that resembles an ancient warrior’s shield.

-Mode Of Formation-
there are effusive volcanic eruptions with magma flowing out in allI directions to form a shield-like form. They are built of weak viscous basaltic lava. The effusive eruptions allow lava to flow long distances than other types of volcanic eruptions making larger and thinner sheets of lava. The continuous build of the sheets over a long period of time construct a low broad profile of shield volcanic mountain. The types of eruptions at shield volcanics are known as Hawaiian after the Hawaiian chain where they prominently occur.

(i)A small opening in the ground
(ii)Connected to a cave or other opening that meets the ocean

-Mode Of Formation-
On the landward side if a cliff, a vertical hole may develop. This could be as a result of chemical weathering of the rock along the joints. The rocks along those joints may have been eroded and dissolved causing the joints to enlarge. If this hole appears on the roof of the cave it becomes a blowhole. It is a blowhole in the sense that, as the waves break inside the cave during high tide, some water may forced through this shaft. The water may therefore be seen shooting out of this hole. This causes the hole to widen further.



Longitude is an imaginary line drawn on the globe(earth) from north to south at right angles to the parallels.

(i)It is an imaginary line drawn on the globe (earth)
(ii)it runs from North to south
(iii)Lines are called Meridian

Working on it.


Weather is the state of the atmosphere of an area at a particular time, mainly with respect to its effects upon life and human activities.

(i) Temperature: thermometer
(ii) Humidity : hygrometer
(iii) Sunshine: sunshine recorder
(iv) Wind speed: anemometer
(v) Pressure: Manometer

Keep the rain gauge twice the distance away from the height of the nearest obstruction (e.g., placing a gauge 20 feet away from 10-foot tall trees).
Place the gauge at least 2-5 feet off the ground on the side of a pole, with the top of the cylinder several inches above the top of the pole to prevent splash back.
Make sure the top of the rain gauge is level.
Keep the gauge away from sources of artificial precipitation that can affect the readings, such as sprinklers.
On the side of your gauge, you will see markings that indicate the amount of rain within. As rain falls, it will fill up the tube. What you will notice is that the surface of the rainwater appears curved, called a meniscus, which is caused by the liquid coming in contact with the sides of the tube. Read the measurement closest to the lowest point at the base of that curved surface, and you’ll have your measurement



(7a) Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems; habitat destruction; the extinction of wildlife; and pollution.

(i) It increases greenhouse gas emissions.
(ii) It disrupts the water cycle.
(iii) It changes the natural beauty of a region



Water pollution is defined as the release or discharging of toxic substance into the water bodies in quantities or level that are harmful to man,animals and plants.

(i)Discharging industrial effluents or waste into water bodies
(ii)Fishing with chemical such as Gamalin 20.
(iii)Use of detergent in the water bodies
(iv)use of chemical fertilizer
(v)Volcanic eruption

[Choose Three]
(i)It causes the death of aquatic animals and plants
(ii)it reduces the recreational values of waters
(iii)it causes water – born diseases
(iv)it impairs the use of water for industrial purposes
(v)it can lead to unemployment among fisherman

[Choose Two]
(i)Proper legislation on use of water bodies
(ii)Avoid dumping of untreated wastes into the waters
(iii)public enlightenment and good fishing practice’s
(v)Treatment of industrial wastes and Providing public utilities eg toilets and incinerators.



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