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Supervises the conduct of all elections held under him.


Gives direction on how to administer the company’s Elections Act so that all elections are properly conducted.


(i)The secretary must ensure that the agenda is not overloaded,

(ii)How quickly do notes or minutes need to be

produced and circulated after the meeting

(iii)The process for clearing the notes for publication


(i)Ensure that a proper notice has been sent to all the persons entitled to receive a notice.

(ii)That only those persons who

are entitled are present at the meeting

(iii)That his own appointment is

in order.

(iv)That the quorum of members is present.

(v)ensure that Agenda is Followed and discussion on Motions Only. In other words that Minutes are Kept.



(i)Heading and Inside Address






(i)Emergency Meeting: is a discussion which happens with little warning or planning in a time of crisis or any meeting called for the purpose of dealing with an emergency.

(ii)Committee Meeting: is a meeting for administrative purposes.

(iii)Board Meetings: is a meeting of a company’s board of directors, held usually at certain times of the year to discuss company-wide policies or issues.


(i)Clustering Indexing

(ii)Secondary Indexing

(iii)Primary Indexing

(i)clustered indexing; records themselves are stored in the Index and not pointers. Sometimes the Index is created on non-primary key columns which might not be unique for each record. In such a situation, you can group two or more columns to get the unique values and create an index which is called clustered Index.


(ii)secondary Indexing; can be generated by a field which has a unique value for each record, and it should be a candidate key.

(iii)Primary Indexing; is an ordered file which is fixed length size with two fields. The first field is the same a primary key and second, filed is pointed to that specific data block.



office organization • Is the arrangement of work such that the activities of an enterprise are divided among it personnel and duties and responsibilities are allocated.


Urgent mail: requiring or compelling speedy action or attention. the matter is urgent, an urgent message.


Personal mail: An email sent by an employee within an employer’s server but which serve no business purpose.


Confidential mail: A confidential letter is one in which the letter writer wants the contents to remain private and the recipient is expected to keep the disclosures and information in the letter a secret.


Official mail:is mail sent from, or by, an authorized department of government, governmental agency or international organization and normally has some indication that it is official; a certifying cachet, return address or other means of identity, indicating its user.


(i)Mail Totes is used formail collection,

(ii)Mail Trays, is used for mail sorting

(iii)Mail Bins is used for storage.

(iv)Mail tubs is used for easy transportation and distribution.

(v)mail room table is used for mail sorting



A report is a document that presents information in an organized format for a specific audience and purpose.


(i)Oral communication

(ii)Written communication

(i)Oral Communications: Oral channels depend on the spoken word. They are the richest mediums and include face-to-face, in-person presentations, mobile phone conferences,group presentations,telephone,video meetings, conferences,speeches, and lectures.

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(ii)Written Communications: Written communications include e-mails, texts, memos, letters, documents, reports, newsletters, spreadsheets, etc.(Even though e-mails are electronic, they are basically digital versions of written memos.) They are among the leaner business communications.


(i)Information to Identify the Case: Begin the report with case specific information that identifies the case the report is related to. Include information such as the investigator’s name, case number, the date the case was entered and the date it was assigned to the investigator.

(ii)Referral Source: The next section should include the complainant’s information. The complainant’s work phone number, e-mail, employee number, office location, department and job title help identify the person lodging the complaint.

(iii)Allegation Details: Harassment, discrimination, retaliation — what type of allegation is under investigation? In this section, be sure to include as much detail as possible about the initial complaint.

(iv)Information About the Subject: The information required for this section of the report is similar to that of the “Referral Source” section. In other

words The information of the subject also Contain the finding and investigation of The subject.



Office documents are the books kept to show records of sales and purchases a company or organization makes.


(i)Rates and total due of payment


(iii)Payment information

(iv)Sign off and contact information

(v)Description/breakdown of work

(vi)company being invoiced/date/invoice tracking number


(i)debit note; is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller as a means of formally requesting a credit note. Debit note acts as the Source document to the Purchase returns journal.


(ii)delivery note is a document that is included with a shipment of goods sent out to a customer. It lists the description and amount of goods enclosed in the shipment.

(iii)receipt! is a piece of paper or electronic document confirming that the seller received money from the purchaser. It also includes a description of the item the buyer purchased.

(iv)requisition book; is a written request made by an employee for an organization’s purchasing department to buy goods or services.

(v)quotation; is a supplier that submits to a potential client with a proposed price for the supplier’s goods or services based on certain conditions.

(vi)price list; It is the document where the list of the items are written or printed along with item codes and its price.

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